Spray Equipment & Service Center engineers and installs custom manual and automated liquid and powder coating systems.

Adding or updating an automated liquid or powder finishing system to your manufacturing process is a challenging process. To stick the landing, you need an industrial finishing partner with the depth of experience, proven success, and creative know-how to best apply industry best practice to your unique manufacturing situation.

Spray Equipment offers manufacturers the confidence to proceed with an automated solution without the risk and worry of unexpected line disruptions. Spray Equipment automation specialists carefully review your current processes and devise a best practice solution drawn from the industry’s most respected suppliers for:

  • Conveyors
  • Cure Ovens
  • Dry-Off Systems
  • Gasket Sealing
  • Paint Application
  • Polyurea Application
  • Reciprocators
  • Robotics
  • Wash Systems

Our automation solutions are scaled, working within the customer’s budget and timeline to produce a coating application that advances line efficiency, quality, and profit.


What sets Spray Equipment apart in automated painting systems?
We bring together the experience, resources, and automated system know-how to offer customers a single-source solution that can quickly scale to meet any automation need, including advanced robotic processes.

Our team is responsible for the design and implementation of automated painting systems in plants in Europe, Asia, and the Americas. Spray Equipment professionals work to thoroughly understand a manufacturer’s production process in order to apply best practice methodology in a way that speeds production, cuts waste and pollution, minimizes health risks, and presents management with a payback that is sometimes measured in months, not years.

What else makes Spray Equipment the go-to source for automated painting systems?
Anyone can recommend a better paint gun or dispensing nozzle.

Our approach is different. We take the time to understand your entire manufacturing process. What are the performance requirements? Aesthetic requirements? Can human intervention be reduced or eliminated? Can a change in front end processes deliver even better backend painting results?

This big-picture, holistic approach may be one reason why so many performance-focused manufacturers, including Japanese luxury automakers and their first-tier suppliers, trust Spray Equipment to deliver superior painting automation outcomes.

Award-Winning Results
Spray Equipment was brought in to review current painting practices at a facility in Columbus, Indiana. Based on a careful review of plant operations, Spray Equipment professionals advised changes that not only transformed the engine maker’s painting automation system but also won the state of Indiana’s prestigious Governor’s Environmental Excellence Award. A partial list of results:

  • Replaced costly and hazardous solvent-based paint
  • Identified non-hazardous water-based paint that delivered much higher performance
  • Installed advanced robotic painters that reduced coating application by 80%
  • Eliminated human intervention to ensure maximum safety and health
  • Eliminated all air pollution associated with liquid paint application